PFLAG spot with Betty DeGeneres

I finally had a chance to use the Dell system on a project that I felt would be a good test of the capabilities of Premiere and After Effects. Plus I had just upgraded to Adobe Production Premium CS6 and was itching to give it a try. I edited a promotional video for PFLAG’s Care with PRIDE™, a new campaign in partnership with Johnson & Johnson and Walgreens to help support their “Cultivating Respect: Safe Schools for All Initiative” and the work being done by PFLAG chapters in their communities.

This multi-pronged campaign will help earn PFLAG a minimum of $200,000 to support their work, including efforts in communities to work directly with schools providing support, resources, training, model policy and creative programs to create an environment of respect for all children.

The video stars Betty DeGeneres, Ellen’s mom, who is involved with PFLAG, which promotes the health and well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons, their families and friends.

The spot was shot by Matt Alcorn, a great D.P. and owner of Image River Films, who we use when for many of our productions. The piece was shot using his Panasonic 3700 P2 camera, and using Premiere, I was able to quickly create a new project without trans-coding and start to edit right away. I had a rough cut done quickly and went to to get the stills I needed. I really like how I can cut in a picture then create an after effects comp right in the timeline and it opens up after effects and links to the new comp. With the help of our graphics wizard Rik Bogusz we were able to get a rough cut out to our clients in one day, and then quickly make the changes they asked for. The system worked really well and was very fast and efficient. I am really getting comfortable with using a PC and so far it has been able to do as good a job as my MacPro. The real test will be when I have to do a more complicated job that involves using some of the programs that are not integrated into the CS6 package…


2 Comments on “PFLAG spot with Betty DeGeneres”

  1. Jonah Lee Walker says:

    So what did you think? I just I’d my first job on it in my Macpro and liked other than it’s horrible instability! Youch, had to switch NVIDIA cards, so it ounces like PC is much more stable. Hate the keyboard shortcuts though!

  2. TommyO says:

    I think the new CS6 version of Premiere is the best it has ever been. On my system it has been very stable but I do have the 2000 card and the Tesla as well. I really like the native handling of P2 media and the integration with AfterEffects is very nice. I’ve only done short form stuff, so I don’t have a reference to doing something like the long form stuff we do.