Just finished working on a 5 minute spot for Stemage, a new skin cream that uses stem cell technology to stimulate the skin’s production of collagen. The spot is hosted by supermodel turned media mogul Kathy Ireland – don’t laugh, her brand is a billion dollar empire!

I cut the spot using Final Cut Pro 7 because the original long form was also cut on FCP7 and the project was way too big to try and transfer over to Premiere-there was over 12 TB of footage. Some of the graphics were made using AfterEffects and Maya on my Dell T5500 PC. Here is one that illustrates the healing effects of Stemage:


It was tough going back to cutting on FCP7 because it is such a graphics heavy show that the rendering was quite painful. Hats off to Daniel Johnson who did the skin animation and Rik Bogusz who did the other graphics for the spot.