Here are 9 ways BeBop is enabling people to work remotely.

1.  User identity and access
It all starts with managing identities. BeBop can manage identity and network access for all users. Whether they are an employee, partner, or supplier, every user who needs to access the corporate network receives a primary account synced to a company BeBop Account.

2.  Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
MFA is required to access your BeBop account. When a user connects remotely using their BeBop credentials, MFA is almost transparent, but they have a safe and secure connection to the workstation and storage.

3.  Managing devices
The BeBop support team will customize your workstation with all the apps and extras you need and are responsible for keeping them up to date. Your workstations require no additional IT personnel to maintain software or hardware.

4.  Productivity applications
BeBop enables users to access resources and share files with post-production Apps like Adobe Creative Cloud and/or non production apps like Microsoft Office, storing their content in the cloud. Users save their files the same way they traditionally saved files to their C: drive; the cloud storage drives show up under “This PC” just like an attached hard drive sitting next to your computer.

BeBop users are also now able to do real-time co-authoring and commenting on documents in the cloud, which is extremely useful for a distributed workforce.

5.  Meetings and collaboration
Using OTS (Over The Shoulder), other team members can have secure encrypted 2-way video conferencing with the ability to see the desktop of another user.

6.  Service monitoring
With the increased load and usage from so many people working remotely, service monitoring has proven crucial to making sure everything is operating as it should. We carefully monitor application and network performance to ensure you have best possible experience.

7.  Culture and change management
Remote work can create challenges in maintaining a healthy work culture and managing change. Our systems are preconfigured for optimum performance to make the transition to remote work smooth and hassle-free. Using our Zero Client solution, your employees get a plug and play system that takes only minutes to set-up.
8.  Designing specialized workstations for specific roles
While BeBop is primarily designed as a remote post-production solution, it can also enable other types of workers to work remotely as well.  We can create different workstation builds that cater to different worker’s needs.

9.  Disaster Recovery (DR)
Using cloud storage as a primary data repository also serves as a backup system. If there is an interruption caused by a power failure, hardware failure or other events that precipitate the need to work away from a company’s workplace, your data, and workstations to use that data, can be accessed from anyplace that has qualifying internet access speed, which is most remote workspaces like WeWork or most residences.

BeBop serves as the single productivity hub for your employees and managers, connecting remote sites, incorporating digitizing workflows, and ensuring workers have real-time access to all your critical data at any time.

Enabling a team to work remotely is an ongoing challenge, and we get that this challenge is different for every organization. Contact for more information, schedule a demo or get a quote.