I’ve been chosen to be part of a program sponsored by Dell, NVIDIA and Adobe for Final Cut Pro editors who are considering switching to Adobe Premiere. I will be receiving a Dell Precision system equipped with an NVIDIA graphics card and the latest version of the Adobe Creative Suite to evaluate the system as an alternative to Final Cut. I don’t know the exact configuration yet – I will post the specs when I get them, and I will be using this blog to chronicle my experience. Even though I am getting the system gratis (although I think I will be declaring it to Uncle Sam and have to pay tax on the value) I will be giving my honest evaluation of the pros and cons of this set up. I have used Premiere before and it really wasn’t the greatest- let’s say I would not have accepted a job that required me to edit on Premiere in the past. However, I have recently taken a look at the most recent version and it seems to be a much more adequate application. I am excited about seeing how the NVIDIA Quadro card with CUDA works with Premier and After Effects in terms of faster rendering and real-time playback. Some of the projects I do have many layers of graphics and I hope it will be faster than Final Cut Pro 7, which because it is 32 bit is limited in it’s use of RAM and isnt built to use the advanced GPU in an NVIDIA card.This program will also give me the opportunity to use a Windows PC as well, which I know some people will gasp at, me being such a staunch Mac user. Well it will be good for me to get more PC time so I’m looking forward to it.