I received a reply from Dell about my request for a Quadro 4000 card and was surprised that they actually gave me 2 options:

A) Get the Quadro 4000 card.


B)  Get the Quadro 2000 card and add in a Tesla C2075 card.

I asked some friends who know of these things (Thanks Jonah and Rik) and they both responded that I should go with the second option. I thought that was what they would say, so I quickly responded that, yes please, I”ll take Option B.

The NVIDIA Tesla 2075 is essentially a separate card  (GPU) to specifically  handle graphic computation.

As stated in the product brief:

NVIDIA® Tesla™ 20-series GPU computing processors turn standard PCs and workstations into personal supercomputers. Based on the NVIDIA CUDA™ GPU architecture codenamed “Fermi”, Tesla 20-series GPUs feature more than 500 gigaflops of double precision performance, 1 teraflop of single precision performance, ECC memory error protection, and L1 and L2 caches. Tesla 20-series GPGPU processors for workstations deliver cluster level performance right at your desk.

Tesla companion processors bring the power of high performance computing to the workstation.

With 448 application-acceleration cores per board, Tesla processors offload parallel computations from the CPU to dramatically accelerate the floating point calculation performance. By adding a Tesla processor, engineers, designers, and content creation professionals accelerate some of the most complex tools exponentially faster than by adding a second CPU. It’s an unbeatable solution for getting more done in less time.

Take advantage of the newest analysis, simulation, and rendering tools within industry-leading applications and see results in as little as half the time. Tesla C2075 companion processors deliver parallel processing power right at the desk, capable of streamlining the way users work every day. This means you can now explore, discover and deliver higher-quality projects faster than you ever thought possible.

  Looks like this will be a really great system! I can’t wait to fire it up.